Strategic partners

Strategic partners
Implementation of the Garden of Destiny is taking place compliant with the plans of the author of the project, Japanese landscape architect Shunmyo Masuno, approved by the Foundation. Each year specific objects are identified as the ones to be worked on and each year’s donations are used for this purpose. Any changes or amendments to the project are accepted by decision of the Foundation Board and coordinated with the project author.
Specialists are engaged to consult and oversee their specific area of expertise:
Architecture – architect Andris Kronbergs, SIA „Design Bureau ARHIS”
Building materials – Building Materials Manufacturers Association
Car parking place - AS "Celuprojekts" and SIA "Aqua-Brambis"
Multi-functional center – SIA „Design Bureau ARHIS” – architects Andris Kronbergs and Raimonds Saulitis
Boat dock and observation terrace – architects Laura Laudere, Didzis Jaunzems in collaboration with SIA „Architect Bureau Jaunromans and Abele”
Garden of Destiny Entry Gate – K. Kurtiss, V. Poznaks, SIA „K Forma”
Memorial center – Aldis Grasmanis, SIA „Construction Engineer Consultants”
Operations center – architect Gunta Kursite
Technical renderings – Latvian Construction Engineer Association
Shoring up the banks of the Daugava – Juris Marnauza, SIA „JMI Bureau”
Electricity – AS „Latvenergo”
Landscape architecture
Landscape architecture – Janis Ledins and Gunita Rozenberga, Latvian Landscape Architecture Association
Apple tree lane – Mara Skrivele and Edite Kaufmane
Forest development and consulting – LR National Forestry Service, Edgars Smaukstelis, Director of the Forestry Monitoring Station in Kalsnava
Trees and decorative shrubery – AS „Latvijas valsts mezi” and the Plant Growers Association
Planting surveying – SIA „Metrum”
Selection and placement of rocks and boulders – sculptor Ojars Feldbergs

Vilis Vitols, Chairman of the Board

Things are not going easily at the moment, but with your help we will continue to build the Garden of Destiny – relentlessly and irreversibly. We are attempting to complete it as a gift to Latvia on her 100th birthday. If by chance we do not complete it on time, there is no cause for concern. Construction of St. Peter’s Church in Riga took a total of 282 years. It will not take us that long.

Sandra Kalniete, Member of the Board Finally, the past is once again ours and it is our source of strength. That is why the Garden of Destiny is being constructed – as a memorial to all Latvians who suffered at the hand of totalitarian regimes. It will be the Latvian Garden of Destiny, a place for Latvian souls to gather from all over the world, a place where the past will meet the future. Everyone can participate in the realization of the Garden of Destiny – and let his assistance or donation, his tree or shrub or rock be a tribute to the innocent victims of atrocities.